Unlocking the Power of Data: How Data Science Drives P2P Lending Success
Virendra Pal, Chief Data Science Officer, LenDenClub navigating us through how data science is steering the success of P2P lending from leveraging...
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Ensuring API Security in the Era of Open Banking: A Critical Necessity
Abhijit Dey, VP, API Banking Product, Axis Bank, on the risks and best practices to guardrail open APIs in the open banking ecosystem.
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Enhancing Guest Experience Through Technology in the Hospitality Industry
Dushyant Bhatt, Chief Technology & Product Officer, The Hosteller, on the seamless integration of technology in hospitality to redefine how hotels operate...
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Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics to Monetise Social Media
Debamalya Choudhury, BPM Expert and Romi Malik, BPM Expert, on unlocking success with social media monetisation strategies as an additional income stream for organizations.
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Understanding HTTP Flood Attacks: A Growing Threat in India
Aman Madhok, Regional Director – Govt., PSU, Telco – India, SAARC & Middle East, Radware unravelling the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the HTTP flood attacks in the evolving landscape of cyber threats in the country.
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Compliance Elevated: Striving for Cybersecurity Excellence
Dr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Chairman of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law, and Saurabh Kumar, Managing Partner at SK Attorneys on the strategic intersection of cybersecurity & compliance...
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The Crucial Role of a Distinguished COO in Tech Companies: Setting the Course for Success
Suchit Karnik, COO, RAH Infotech, sharing how COOs have emerged as key players in ensuring the smooth functioning and sustained growth of tech companies.
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Strengthening Shields: Unveiling Insights into Enterprise IT Security
Mrudul Uchil, Vice President, India Site Head, Cybersecurity, VISA embracing the approach to risk assessment, and the need for robust application security with a smooth user experience.
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Unlocking Digital Banking: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Solutions
K.M. Reddy, CISO, Union Bank of India discussing how innovative solutions can lead to secure and seamless digital banking experience.
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The Imperative for IT Infrastructure Partners to Integrate Security Solutions
Prashanth GJ, CEO, TechnoBind Solutions, on the importance of unification of strengths between businesses and IT infrastructure partners for integrated security...
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White Paper
In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the semiconductor industry stands out as a crucial driver of national and global growth.
Through the course of this whitepaper on "Unlocking India’s Semiconductor Potential: Catalyst for Sustainable Growth" we uncovered different facets of India's growth as a semiconductor hub, the unique opportunities, challenges, diverse government and industry incentives as well as the way forward as the country carves its way to realise its semiconductor dream.
Semiconductors contribute to approximately 25% of electronic products, contributing to $75Bn semiconductor demand by 2026-27, today almost 100% of it is imported.....
-Sanjeev Keskar, CEO, Arvind Consultancy
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An exclusive webinar around the theme "Achieving Escape Velocity: Gaining Scale with Cloud at Core" powered by SADA, Google Cloud and StrategINK
Insights from the webinar are:
  • The art of architecting solutions in the cloud-native era.
  • Key strategies for optimizing cloud infrastructure for a dynamic digital landscape.
  • How organizations should seamlessly integrate and manage diverse cloud ecosystems.
  • The transformative impact of embracing a cloud-native mindset on overall business agility and competitiveness.
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