AI in Cyber Security
Dr. Salim Al Shuaili, Senior Executive, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, Sultanate of Oman, on how AI facilitates efficiency, proactive defense, cost reduction, enhanced accuracy of threat detection...
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The Future of Insurance – How Blockchain is Shaping the Landscape
Anirban Chakraborty, Chief Security Officer, AXA GO Business Operations, on how blockchain in insurance can be a game-changer, transforming the way physical assets are managed, tracked, and insured digitally.
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Securing Success: Cybersecurity Imperatives for Startups
A.Sathyanarayanan, CTO, Collekto, highlighting why startups must implement a strong security framework to outsmart hackers.
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Why Cyber Security is a Top Priority in the Pharma industry
Bijender Mishra, Global CISO, Alkem Laboratories Limited, discusses the security landscape for the pharmaceutical industry to protect valuable data, intellectual property, and reputation from cyber threats.
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Decoding Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)-based Interventions – Non-medical factors affecting your medical bills
Sourav Ghosh, Senior Industry Principal & Devi Govindasamy, Senior Consultant – Digital Transformation Services, Infosys BPM, on the power of SDoH-driven...
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Achieving Privacy and Data Protection – Real World Insights
Balaji Raghunathan, VP, Digital Experience, ITC Infotech, on data minimization, effective consent management and other aspects of privacy.
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Importance of Corporate Governance in context of Cyber Resilience
Ashish Khanna, CISO, Evalueserve, highlighting top corporate governance practices for cyber resilience like continuous board engagement, risk assessment, robust policies & procedures, cybersecurity education and training, etc.
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Emerging Tech Centers: The Rise of Secondary Cities in India’s Digital Landscape
Exploring the 26 secondary cities that are on the rise as the forthcoming tech centers, and are evolving as hubs for creativity and innovation.
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Expanding Cyber Threats & Mitigation Strategies for Financial Service Organizations
Hilal Ahmad Lone, Chief Information Security Officer, Razorpay, discussing how collaboration and intelligence sharing among financial service providers...
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The Future of Security Defense – The Cybersecurity Mesh
Mrudul Uchil, Senior Director & India Site Head for Cybersecurity, VISA, on benefits of establishing a distributed and scalable architectural approach, thwarting hackers from exploiting various parts of a network.
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IAF Collaborates with the Indian Government on Five Key AI Initiatives for National Progress
Discussing the five innovative artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives focused on governance and social development launched by the Indian Government.
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The changing face of security for Digital Applications
Smitesh Valanju, Chief Information Security Officer, Tata Cliq & Croma, on the importance of integrating security into all aspects of the organization's digital landscape.
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Glimpses from the Month Gone By
The Mumbai Chapter of DAICON 2023 convened an impressive assembly of 50+ subject matter experts and attracted 300+ attendees, solidifying its reputation as the leading DATA, AI, CLOUD conference.
Highlights from the conference are:
  • Assessing the intertwined futures of the metaverse and digital twins, its impact on businesses.
  • Analyzing integration of Data, Cloud and AI for competitive advantages, adoption challenges and strategies for seamless integration.
  • Delving into data security landscape, implications of Data Protection Act and strategies for ensuring cyber resilience.
Dell Technologies, Intel, VMware, and StrategINK collaborated for an Exclusive Virtual Masterclass, centered on "Mastering Cyber Resilience in The Multi-cloud Era with Zero-Trust".
Highlights from the event are:
  • A captivating glimpse into 7 bold cybersecurity predictions for 2024.
  • Insights into digital trust's business impact and actionable strategies for CISOs to fortify future trust.
  • Session delved into Digital Trust vs. Cyber Security, New Tech trends, Ransomware, Cyber Attacks, Business Resilience
  • Experts discussed implementing Zero-Trust Security in Multi-Cloud Environments.
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