Leading During a Cyber Incident – Tips for the most crucial first hours
KM Reddy, CISO, Union Bank of India on why organizations should establish Quick Response Team, Incident Response Team, Crisis Management Team, etc...
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Business Resilience & Risk Management Imperatives for Digital-savvy Businesses
Abhishek Bansal, Head Non Financial Risk & CISO, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd. on how a proactive approach promotes a risk-conscious mindset throughout...
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Expanding Cyber Threats & Mitigation Strategies for Insurance Organizations
Anirban Chakraborty, Chief Security Officer, AXA GO Business Operations, emphazing how a robust cybersecurity strategy requires a top-down approach...
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Need of API Security with Rise of Open Banking
Abhijit Dey, VP – API Banking Product, Axis Bank on how increasing reliance on data and APIs, has led to risks and potential threats associated with Open Banking, making API security crucial.
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Insider Threat Program – Successes and Lessons Learned
Manoj Arora, VP – Information & Cyber Security, Religare Finvest Limited on the strategic importance of insider threat programs for early detection of insider threats, preventing potential attacks and minimizing harm.
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Secure RevOps: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Resilience
Kanchi Shah, GM- Content Strategy, StrategINK on Secure RevOps enhancing overall operational efficiency for organizations with a strong security environment reducing breach and downtime risk
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Recent Glimpses
The Sri Lanka edition of The Global Agility Summit 2023 convened an impressive assembly of 25+ subject matter experts and attracted 170+ attendees, solidifying its reputation as the leading DATA, AI, CLOUD conference.
Highlights from the conference are:
  • Emergence of Sri Lanka as a resilient economy and unlocking transformation through technology, collaboration and data.
  • Enterprises crafting a unified defense strategy along with Data Protection Bill become cyber-resilient
  • Enhancing infrastructural agility with gradual adoption of Gen AI across industries
  • Challenges faced by organizations from ethical concerns to shortage of skilled resources.
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