India’s Interim Union Budget 2024: A Beacon for Startups
The convergence around AI underscores a broader trend of startups leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive growth and innovation...
Prateek Tokas, Editor Read More
Apple set to buy AI startup for strengthening its Vision Pro
The acquisition is intended to enhance the privacy features of Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset, Vision Pro...
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Bezos, Nvidia join OpenAI in funding humanoid Robot Startup
Amazon, Nvidia, and Microsoft, are funneling investments into startup Figure AI...
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Beyond the Basics: Corporate Cybersecurity
While most of us are aware of the importance of cybersecurity, several common vulnerabilities often go unnoticed by enterprises...
Abhijit Chakravarty, HDFC Bank Read More
Chinese Hackers breached Immigration data from India
A Chinese firm reportedly conducted a cyber attack, breaching nearly 100 gigabytes of Indian immigration data...
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Bank of America Customer Data Compromised in Security Breach
Bank of America has informed its clientele about a breach of personal data linked to a third-party service provider...
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Empowering Digital Transformation: Insights from DAICON
In today’s digital age, harnessing the power of technologies like cloud, AI, and analytics is crucial for operational efficiency…..
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Creating Data- Intelligent & Resilient Enterprises
The conversation reveals the secrets to enterprise resilience through agility, teamwork and continuous evaluation...
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Data Governance vs Data Management: Unveiling the Key Variances for Strategic Decision-Making
A calculated integration of both ensures that data is aligned with strategic...
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Future-Proofing Enterprises with AI and Automation: Unlocking Wireless Network Success
Unveiling the transformative role of AI, automation, and next-gen tech in elevating ...
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Embracing the API Ecosystem in Harmony with Nature
Nature, like APIs, can adapt to changing circumstances.Similarly, APIs speed up software development by allowing developers to utilise...
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Evolution of the In- car Infotainment Systems
Cars are not just about the driving experience; they must cater to an enhanced in-cabin user experience as well...
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